Putting the Uke to Use

Oooh...I have rediscovered the Ukulele!  Our family always had one in the house but this time I actually know how to play it.  Once you got it, you can't put it down.

I am deeply grateful to be asked to play at a friend's wedding last July with 2 other gifted musicians and wonderful souls. Though we only did 1 song, "Here Comes The Sun", it was a lot of fun and the entire experience was thrilling...from being asked to play just a few days before and getting about 2 days of practice in with two people I met for the 1st time.

Here I am on my 1st Uke, an Oscar Schmidt Koa Concert Uke, next to the Bride's younger brother, Mike who's playing my Cordoba GK Studio nylon string guitar, and swing dance master Hep Jen holding the mic for me.


Musicians: Mike Silva (Guitar), Me (Ukulele), Wayne Westerman (Piano) and DJ Hep Jen.