I'm an Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Musician, Voice Actor, Storyteller, Ancient Master of ____(Fill in the blanks here).

Once in a while, I also help people explore and awaken their love for music and help them choose the right instrument that speaks to them.  Often times at Guitar Center, I get random requests from strangers to help them with information about pianos, guitars, music in general; "Do I really look like I work here?!"

Maybe it's a good thing!

In this physical form, in this lifetime, I'm an unknown genetic mix and fusion of cultural quirkiness.  Having grown up in international settings, I've become a mutt with diverse experiences and visions.

I've spent many years of my professional life as a Digital Artist creating visualizations of virtual environments, concept movies and animations. 

I'm a storyteller at heart with an insatiable growing appetite for touching people's lives and inspiring them through art, animation, music, sound, performance, love and humor.


Hospital Donor Booklet Illustration - Digital


Obey I must, my soul's desire to create and be happily silly!

The Orange Snowman before being eaten.

The Orange Snowman before being eaten.

My 1st website was called FuzzeeSock.
Why FuzzeeSock?  During the creation of that site and initial surges of inspiration pondering what my future held, I had finally gotten around to replenishing my supply of dark socks.  I got 6 identical pairs that were so comfortable, I was ecstatic!  I wore one everyday for the whole week and put them through the initiation phase:  "Thou shall now protect my feet and carry me through the mean streets of city life and get me to work!"

Little did i realize that I caused a strange but beautiful accumulation of new SOCK FUZZ on our carpet. They all poised themselves around my creative area and lead me toward my canvas of infinite creations.

It was a sign...and FuzzeeSock was born.  It was a place where I shared my creations. 

FuzzeeSock will now rest awhile as JeremySiew.com becomes my new site, for Jeremy 2.0, a new me, a new era.  FuzzeeSock will return in the future, possibly as my new brand for my children's books and music line.

Until then, please enjoy the new site, may you have many Fuzzee moments and may my work put smiles in you hearts.

The logo for FuzzeeSock.  I wonder what the cat is telling him?  (Copyright © 2010 Jeremy Siew, All Rights Reserved)

The logo for FuzzeeSock.  I wonder what the cat is telling him?  (Copyright © 2010 Jeremy Siew, All Rights Reserved)