Recent Work

I direct and create animations / motion graphics to illustrate and tell stories of complex ideas and design schemes.  I also work on audio editing, sound mixing, creative direction, lighting and storyboarding.  Toolsets used are Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Gen Arts SAPPHIRE & Monsters GT, Adobe Audition and Adobe Illustrator.



BIFC - Concept Teaser

I created this teaser movie for our AECOM San Francisco Landscape Design Studio to illustrate their concept and paving design inspiration for a competition in Shanghai, China.

I did the Film / Art / Sound FX and Creative Direction, including all Motion Graphics & Title Sequences, Lighting, Renderings, Graphic Design, Animations, Special Effects and Video creation.


Here are the end credits only.  When I saw some process photos from the design team's rubber stamp carving sessions, I couldn't resist using this one to animate our credits on.




I did the Art / Creative / Technical / Film Direction including sound & music editing, digital painting & lighting on most of the stills.  I also directed and created all animations, motion graphics, effects, and title sequences.  This is for a new retail & residential development in Zhuji, China.




ZHUJI OLD TOWN - Shorter Sequences

Here are some featured sequences I created from the main movie if you don't have time to watch the full length version.



SF Ocean Beach Vision Movie:

These are snipets from the main movie I created for San Francisco's Ocean Beach Master Plan.

I created all the motion graphics and did the Creative / Art / Film / Audio Direction.  The end credits animation was inspired from finding a creative use for the wonderful vintage photos of postcards, stationery and food menus from our team's historic photo research.


The full length vision movie can be seen here: