Animated Diagrams & Videos

I create educational animations of diagrams that help explain complex ideas. I often combine the use of 3ds MAX, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro.  My animated diagrams have been useful in the fields of Design Visualization, Environmental Sciences, Master Planning and Films.

A simulation of the water feature at the residential courtyard at Wuhan Sunac. This animation simulates how the water feature works in a cross section diagram as well as in an animated illustration.

Qingdao BSV Master Plan Ribbon Concept

Shaft dig and Tunneling

Original assets by: Chris Lyner

I created new art and construction graphics, animated the dig, crane, dirt piles, smoke and dust particles, and tunneling.

This is part of a bigger tunneling video.

Wave Fountain Simulation.  I had limited tools and software to visualize our team's vision for the water feature in the plaza and I didn't have time to animate particle systems.  I came up with the solution of binding the water jet geometries in 3ds MAX to a pliable grid mesh that will displace and space warp a certain direction once I rolled a piece of custom shaped geometry underneath and animated that piece, which allowed the rest to just...follow.  I then composited and lit the scene in After Effects.

San Francisco Ocean Beach - West Side Combined Sewage Infrastructure.  I created this with Photoshop, After Effects and Adobe Premiere, for AECOM and SPUR.

San Francisco Ocean Beach - Coastal Dynamics.  I created this with Photoshop, After Effects and Adobe Premiere, for AECOM and SPUR.  This helps explain how sand deposits and erosion works at SF Ocean Beach.


Stormwater Runoff, Bioretention, Water Collection

Ayala Circuit Stormwater Animation.  This explains the proposed system for water collection, flow and drainage.

Rain Water Collection 3D Fly Thru

LPCH Rain Garden Concept

Stormwater collection - Bioretention

Stormwater collection - Street Bioretention

Bioretention - Constructed Wetlands

Typical Rain Garden

Bioretention Bed Photo Animation

Photo Courtesy of City of Portland


Zhuji Plaza Water Treatment Animation


3D Animated Shadow Studies